I once read that in a forest of a thousand trees, you can’t find two leaves alike. Likewise, our lives are different journeys on the same path.

We are all travelers, with the same questions, same fatigue, same fears, same selfishness, same ambition and despair. Whirlpools that appear to be the details of our daily life, but inwardly we are searching for our original truth. However, intellectual and societal matrix have made us prisoners of our goals and the accelerated development in which we live.

I strongly believe that one of the secrets of human existence is to be rooted in his body and flying in the dimensions of his soul at the same time. To be a faithful embodiment of the soul, as if he is transmitting soul expressions to the earth.

The purpose of this website is not providing information because it’s constantly evolving, what we believe in today will change tomorrow, what we think it’s the truth today, will discover after a while that it was just our thoughts about the truth or a part of it.

My aim is to share my self-discovery experience and my journey towards the harmony between mind and soul in order to make it a base on which I rebuild my perception about human life away from ready-made programming.

This website is an invitation to begin your journey too, an authentic journey. A word “copied” is not exist in cosmic dictionaries. Discovering yourself is a sacred mission because mosaic of life will not be completed without your piece.

You will not find your piece of mosaic between the words, rather in the stillness hidden behind. Let this website guide you to the space of stillness within you to find that unique piece and place it in the mosaic of life.

It is an invitation to transform your story from survival to life. There is no path takes you to the truth. Rather, the truth comes from you once your mind admits that it does not have it and strive for it.

It is an invitation to live your truth as you are not the personal property of individuals, groups or societies.

Raise the flag, declare the end of your internal wars, spread your wings and fly up.

As others have turned the lights on in my heart and mind, I hope to shine a light in your heart and mind as well and that the thoughts I present here will be keys to your closed doors. On the other hand, your very presence, at this moment, as you are wandering around my website keeping my heart with a higher frequency and filling me with gratitude.


Who I am …

I am Asma, specialized in translation between Arabic and English languages, holding a master’s degree in public administration, worked in fields of translation and international relations. All were stations, I still have more of interesting paths to follow in my journey of self-discovery                                                                              

Today, I am sharing my thoughts with you, I do not know where or when my next stop will be. I don’t have any aim but to flow with cosmos and to be in tune with its constructive energy and balanced rhythm.   


What I believe in…

Mosaic of divine light

Inspiring by the divine light

Gravitate each other

Like scattered pieces of crystal

Motivated by the divine inwardness

Path of completion has begun

A path ruled by the law of the highest mind

It’s a sacred dimension

There have always been gateways

We have always played the roles of locks and keys for each other


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