The only way to experience the state of connection with the Creator is to be lonely in the space of heart. Only by heart, you will be able to realize your original truth. However, due to man’s remoteness from the space of heart, illusion of separation has been passed down through generations until it became a part of the system that drives humanity.       

Dr. Ehab Hamarneh spoke in his book “Be Yourself” how the newborn is not affected by this inheritance driven by the nature of union until he became a victim of programming process. Therefore, we have never heard of a racist child or a child suffering from intellectual restrictions until he begins to activate the concept of inferiority, accordingly, a coma of separation begins.

Levels of loneliness message differ from one person to another, it depends on spiritual realization level. It may not take more than a real feeling of loneliness that submerge you for no reason and it may be much harsher such as the death of those we love.

No matter how high your awareness level is or how friendly the message is, it will inevitably be painful. The effect of first message of loneliness you receive will be the most painful but it will not be the last, rather it will be followed by other messages at crucial stages in your life. Of course it will not be as harsh as the first time as then you will have learned to monitor yourself honestly and to stay away as much as possible from self- equivocation. 

After the first message of loneliness you will become a positive observer of yourself and more aware of the path you are taking. The deeper the pain and the feeling of temporary loneliness, the deeper you reach in yourself.  

You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. loneliness will bright your individuality and make you contact and unite with the spirit of life, this will drive you towards monotheism and real connection to the Creator, then, your human journey goal will be to strengthen that sacred connection.

Distracting thoughts will gradually fade away, you will live in a state of unity with the cosmos which makes you feel harmonious and automatic connection with it. Being alone will help you to reach high levels of communicating with cosmos beyond the letters and words. You will begin with the sacred silence that cuts through barriers of fear and defense that breaks down polluted programs and returns you back to the pureness from which you came.  

When you return back to your inner hermitage and begin your sacred silence, the chaotic interference between you and your surroundings will stop, you will become more focused on your spiritual goal and thus more productive, you will flow with cosmic which will be generous with opportunities that serve your spiritual mission.

When you wake up from the illusion of infernal separation, you will walk alone in the journey of awareness. However, this loneliness will not last long, you will find soon your comrades and you will walk side by side towards total perfection.                                                                                

“The path we think will end with solitude, will guide us to know God. The path we think we are taking alone, we will find that the whole world is taking.” Joseph Campbell. 

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