“My pain is inevitable. However, my misery is a choice”. This is how Dr. Paul Brand describes pain misconception in our lives in his book (Pain, the Gift Nobody Wants). 

He has worked with people who suffered from pain and people who suffered from absence of pain. However, the main paradox after spending a lifetime among Leprosy patients who destroyed themselves because they were unable to feel pain, that he found it is difficult to express his appreciation for pain to people who have no such a disease.                         

When we live in a state of separation from cosmos and ignore its messages, we become like a brain hidden inside a dark skull that protects it from any direct encounter with reality. Brain does not see anything, does not hear anything and does not feel any pain, rather it interprets the signals it receives from the nerve cells. Likewise, if we do not receive cosmos messages and interpret them correctly, we will live in a state of fatal stagnation which is contrary to our ever-evolving nature. 

Pain messages differ from one person to another in terms of their intensity and interpretation. Of course, cosmos will not carry a uniform pain message to everyone. However, what unites the pain messages that they are undoubtedly a deep key message from cosmos, a message that creates a whirlwind inside you and stirs up dust accumulated for years, a message that opens files you had thrown away in your subconscious mind and forgotten about their existence.  

Illness and pain have always been controversial and judgmental issue. Some consider it a punishment from God, others describe it as a curse or even associate it with envy. However, it is nothing but a message from cosmos to get your attention. Cosmos often talks to you through your fears as they are at the top of your list of concern and focus.                                

Pain is neither a curse nor a punishment, nor is it the result of the influence of any envy. It is a message from cosmos that you must understand its meanings, respond to it appropriately and realize the purpose for which it was sent.                                                                                                             

What if we stopped making conventional judgments about pain and started looking at it as a message needs a special management! What if we replaced the concept of the pain curse with the concept of pain management!                                                                                                   

The key of successful pain management is to be sure that it is a message from cosmos. A message with a specific content to you in particular. Accordingly, you are the one who should receive it, read it and respond to it. No one but you can do your job, you may seek help from doctors or support from your loved ones. This will be a temporary relief but not a medication, I do not mean to diminish the importance of medicine or the strength we draw from our loved ones, what I want to say that the real reason for the existence of pain is to deliver a message and real recovery from that pain will only occur by responding to that message.

The flow of pain is one of the tools to awaken the senses of the soul, with pain you can delve deeply into yourself. It is one of the most important key cosmos messages that urges you to see what you have been ignoring inside yourself in order to correct it and remove obstacles towards the spirit gates. The message of pain does not illuminate the inner darkness you were living in, rather it guides you towards rich spiritual horizons that you did not realize before you felt pain.                                                                              

“That single sleepless night become a defining moment for me. I had caught only a feeling glimpse of life without touch and pain. Yet that glimpse was enough to make me feel frightened and alone. I will never forget the desolation of that sensation like death. Thank God for pain!” Dr. Paul Brand / Pain, the Gift Nobody Wants

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