The purpose of this article is not to discuss spiritual awareness rather to create an idea in your mind that connect the concept of spiritual awareness with the key cosmic message series.                              

It will be a good beginning If you agree with me that human life is carefully planned so that the Creator and the creature share the details of the story, God leaves us the choice of the path to reach to the inevitable end.            

You may think that death of our bodies is the end but it is only a chapter of our story. The end I’m talking about is the end of the human experience and returning to the source.

That deep end is not the subject of our discussion here because it beyond our awareness and transcends the limits of our responsibility.                             

What we need to discuss is the path, the journey and the options as this is what we own, what we can control and thus what we are responsible for.

Therefore, our experience within a human body and all the related details, experiences and events are fall under the list of choices. This explains the varying degrees of consciousness among humans, the concept of Karma and the multiple lives we experience. The path is a journey of spiritual awareness, the higher spiritual awareness you experience, the clearer path you get.

Many questions may come to your mind; how do I get involved in the path of spiritual awareness? How do I determine my spiritual awareness level? What are the techniques that raise my spiritual awareness? What are the effects of increasing spiritual awareness on my life and choices? And many other big questions, questions asked by a mind that tends toward complexity and exaggeration.

You right in proposing all these question and more. However, the key question is much simpler, what is the spiritual awareness?                                    

The answer is also simple. Spiritual awareness is your journey to discover yourself, you are a spiritual entity with all its awareness, you don’t gain spiritual awareness, you discover it. Your mind is always looking for it outside, in mechanisms, definitions, techniques and effects. While it is hidden inside you.

Everything you do in this life is to discover the spiritual treasure within you in order to integrate it later with others and move together to what is beyond the human experience.   

Here comes the role of cosmic messages to be your treasure map. The biggest challenge facing cosmic messages is to direct you in order to put out the chattering fire burning in your mind and thus to put out the chattering volcano of the collective mind.                                                  

That is why, one of the key messages you receive from cosmos will be the message of Loneliness, and the most important lesson you learn from is “Silence”.

You are a spiritual being who will begin and end with silence. In between, you will go through unlimited number of experiences and lessons of success and failure, hope and despair, joy and sadness, curiosity and beliefs, motion and stillness, life and death.

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