In two previous articles, I spoke about the power behind negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and their ability to hinder communication, disrupt cosmic dialogue and create chaos.

There are many factors that hinder cosmic messages system. However, there are also concepts that support their mission. Believing in these concepts makes cosmic dialogue clearer, smoother and a shorter in time.  

Among the most important concepts that support cosmic messages system:

1. Absolute Goodness: We have been programmed to have a struggle between good and evil and between light and darkness. However, I strongly believe in one Creator of light and darkness, a Creator who harnesses darkness in order to reveal the light.         

Absolute Goodness is a fundamental concept which has a profound impact on all aspects of our spiritual and physical journey.                           

We all live according to the law of divine justice, believing in this law is what gives us tranquility and inner peace. Believing that all what cosmos sends to you is an absolute goodness and that it pours into your greater good helps you to deepen the idea of acceptance. When you accept the loss as a lesson or the illness as a path correction, that exhausting struggle between good and evil within you will disappear along with the list of enemies written by the illusion in your mind and you will be open and ready to receive and understand cosmos messages.  

2. Sanctity of Striving: Feeling of inadequacy is one of the most contradictory feelings with the soul nature as the soul is complete by itself but it seeks perfection with all.

God created us in a human body driven by needs. There is no doubt that these needs have been exploited and turned into tools to dedicate slavery. However, this did not and will not negate the sanctity of striving in the human journey.

Throughout the ages, the need to survive has been a motive for man to strive. You starve, so you seek food. You suffer pain, so you seek to discover medicine from nature. You feel afraid, so you seek a source of safety. Striving is a part of human nature, therefore our real mission as humans in the earthly journey lie in the lessons we learn, not in the goals we achieve. How many goals have you have achieved and thought you had reached the peak to discover after hours that there are more peaks!

Learning is the real goal and striving is the motivation to go through your human journey and pick up your cosmic messages which will guide you towards the ultimate goal of your soul. 

3.Personalization Avoidance: Many people misunderstand how cosmic messages work, it is simply that you are conversing with the cosmos who uses everything from numbers, symbols, events and relationships to communicate its messages.                      

Confusion often happens when cosmos uses relationships as a tool to communicate with us. We are all connect with a network of relationships, we are all message carrier to each other.

However, people often tend to personalize issues. You may have a love relation with a narcissistic person and spend years of your life resisting his narcissism or trying to change him or mold him to fit with you or even accept the status as it is under the name of love.                                                  

 It’s not a status to accept, it’s a message from cosmos that you are suffering from lack of self-love and self-esteem. Personalization was the reason for confusing your cosmic dialogue. Personalization was the reason for wasting years of your life in communicating with that narcissist without realizing that the one who really communicate with you is cosmos.

4.Power of Now: Your presence right here and right now means that your focus should be on the moment and in all the events that are going on now.

How can you pay attention to the opportunities around you while you are thinking about an opportunity that you lost in the past? How do you realize that it is time to close the file of someone you loved while you are still dreaming of a future that brings you together!                                              

The power of the now is the power of flow, if you are not present in the “Now”, you will not pick up what cosmos is sending to you now. Messages of the past have been sent in the past, and messages of the future have not been sent yet. Forget the past and don’t think about the future, be present in the moment to receive the messages of the present.

5.Sequence: Forget the past, don’t think about the future, be present in the moment to receive the messages of the present, because each message has its own factors in terms of timing, meaning and lesson. As long as you are stuck at a specific test, be sure that you will not receive the next message because the system of cosmic messages depends on the sequence.              

When you receive a message from cosmos, understand its meaning, and pass the test drawn for you, you will automatically receive the next one. It’s a series of lessons, experiences and messages for your greatest goodness.  

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