Foggy thoughts and misleading beliefs are not the only factors that impede human development. Feelings also play an essential role in in clarity of the cosmic dialogue. They are embodiment of our subconscious mind and a reflection of who we really are inside. If thoughts have power, this is because they generate feelings and give them a magical impact that many are unaware of.    

Feelings have a magical touch that can change our lives positively or negatively. But you are the one who has the decision, you are the one who has that magic wand. If you choose foggy thoughts you will create conflicting feelings and thus a chaotic reality, but if you choose constructive thoughts that serve your purpose in life, you will create positive feelings and thus a dynamic and harmonious reality with the cosmos and subsequently with your spiritual mission. 

Among the top negative feelings that prevent you from harmonizing with the cosmos and from receiving and understanding its messages:   

1.Feeling of shame: Many people tend to feel guilty. However, a constantly ruminating about guilt and growing negative feelings towards oneself leads to the rooting of a negative self-image, then our guilt turns into a harsher feeling, which is shame.                                                                                    

Most people suffer from shame to different degrees. Societies and religions have dedicated the idea of slavery in human minds and made everyone on this earth feel the shame of being a slave and that he will be punished for what he did sooner in life or later after death.                                                    

When the feeling of shame takes root within a person, he loses his sense of security, feels that he is not loved, unwanted and the most painful the feeling that he is not worthy, then his compass will get out of work and he will loss his sense of belonging to cosmos.                                             

How can someone who has lost belonging to the cosmos be able to read its messages!  

2. Feelings of inferiority: It is one of the most contradictory feelings with the nature of the soul. The soul that seeks completeness with all but this does not mean that it is incomplete, rather it is complete by itself and seeks total perfection with the rest of the souls.                                                                

Feelings of inferiority are generated from many misconceptions rooted in the collective mind, such as the Inferiority towards women in some societies or towards physical disability.

The chain does not end by the feeling, but rather the latter will generate negative behaviors that affect human life and hinder his communication with cosmos.

Among those negative behaviors:    

  • Attachment: A behavior resulting from your sense of inferiority and insignificance. Therefore, you begin to attach to anything makes you feel valuable such as money or relationships whether it is an attachment to your mother, lover or even child. Thus, money or those relationships become the source of your energy but it won’t give you what you need because your original source is the divine energy. A person who suffers from attachment has not and will not be able to receive and understand cosmic messages.
  • Character of victim: A behavior that many play under the loss of identity which they suffer from and struggle to hide. At the top of the list of those who play victim role is a mother. Being a mother is a wonderful thing and an elegant expression of cosmic energy flowing through you, but it is not everything. Being a mother is a great message to you from the cosmos and the finest lesson a female can learn, but it is not the only lesson.                                                                                                    

Playing the role of victim prevents you from seeing much of what is going on around you because, intentionally or unintentionally, you are devoting yourself to others, while the purpose of your existence on this earth is to dedicate yourself to yourself in order to learn more and more.                           

As long as you underestimate yourself and sacrifice for the sake of others, you will be the furthest possible from receiving and understanding cosmic messages. 

  • Character of hero: How many fake heroes are around us? People who failed to discover themselves and their spiritual purpose in this life and found that playing the role of hero is the best cover for them. If you are one of those people, you should know that you associate yourself with the energies of others, learn their lessons, take their tests but in the end you will not get anything because you really did not do anything for yourself. As long as you live on the sidelines of others stories, you will not be able to receive and understand your cosmic messages.  

3. Feeling of fear: God has created us in a human body that is affected by feelings to be tools for learning. We will not realize joy unless we experience sadness, we will not distinguish the feeling of satiety if we do not feel hungry and we will not enjoy safety unless we taste the feeling of fear.

All of this seems normal, but it is not normal to turn these feelings from tools of learning into tools of controlling. It is necessary for us to experience fear in order to know safety and stick to it as safety and peace are qualities of our soul.

The more you drown in feelings of fear and lose safety, the greater the barriers between you and your soul, and thus between you and the cosmos. You have not and will not be able to understand the messages cosmos is sending you as long as you live in the cycle of fear.  

You are not a slave to feel shame, you are the master of this earth.

God did not create you in a human body to feel incomplete, but to learn from what you lack and strive towards perfection.

Feeling of fear contradicts the divine law of justice under which all cosmic messages fall.

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