Many people act automatically without thinking. More than 90% of our thoughts are automatic because of programming, repetition and collective mind. Many of that foggy thoughts turn over years into false beliefs that hinder human spiritual development.  

As always, cosmos is ready to guide us and adjust our compass whenever we lose direction. However, this does not negate the power of the thoughts and beliefs which have greater ability than we think, they are the pen that draws our reality. Unfortunately, we forget this fact and unconsciously continue our lives. 

Among the most important of foggy thoughts and beliefs that confuse man’s dialogue with the cosmos and contradict the system of cosmic messages:

1.Belief in Luck: The most important purpose of the cosmic messages is to be a tool to guide you for your greater good, most of us unfortunately do not realize where his greater good is. This is why we keep going through pointless circles and choose wrong paths.  

    No absurdism in cosmos, it’s much more organized than we imagine and give us what we need to reach our greatest good not what we want, because what we want is a product of our minds, society and history which could be right and could be wrong.

    Imagine that you won a huge amount of money, what spontaneous idea would you and your surroundings think of? 

    You are a lucky person!

    What if that amount was the reason for losing your relationships, or the cause to attract hypocrites and fraudsters to your surroundings or even be a motive for a future quarrel between your children.

    Imagine that you have been unjustly fired from your job, what is the automatic idea that will control your mind and the minds of those around you?

    It’s a bad luck!

    What if your dismissal from your job was the motivation to discover the capabilities buried within you, and thus find better opportunities!                                                                      

    Winning a huge amount of money is not a good luck, as well as being fired from your job is not a bad luck. You’re in the right place, at the right time either way. There is no luck, they are just message from the cosmos but you did not and will not understand that message as long as you believe in luck.    

    2.Belief in Coincidence: One of the most important laws of the cosmos is the law of cause and effect, starting from the creation of the universe and ending with meeting your friend whom you have not seen for a long time without arranging that meeting. 

      In this highly organized cosmos, there is no coincidence. Everything that happens is arranged for a specific purpose. What humans call “coincidence” is a message from the cosmos like other messages, but it is more clear than others because it occurs somewhat out of the ordinary.        

      Meeting a friend you haven’t seen for years, according to the concept of cosmic messages, is a message whose meaning varies from one to another. It may be a warning to close that friend’s file in your subconscious mind, or it may mean that the lesson that you should have learned from this relation will reappear again because you still need more learning in this regard.

      Meanings are many as each person has his own uniqueness in this universe. A conscious person can pick up these messages directly, respond to them and adjust his course towards his greatest good.

      According to the terms of the collective mind, this meeting is called a “coincidence”. Thus, the unconscious person’s reaction to that “coincidence” will not go beyond storing it in his memory or consider it as a material for gossip with his friends. He will miss the opportunity that the cosmos gave him in order to adjust his course towards his greatest good, how not, as he did not and will not understand the message as long as he believes in coincidences existence.

      3.Belief in Destiny: Just as luck and coincidence are not existing except in our programmed minds, so is fate. The only destiny you can’t change is the journey God has chosen for all of us, a journey of go back to our original source. Other than that, they are all details aimed at refinement and learning, so they are variable according to your interaction.

        All events of your life are determined by what you need to learn. The cosmos doesn’t aim to punish or destroy you, but to teach you. According to the system of cosmic messages, the real purpose of firing from your job is to begin the journey of discovering your potential and move forward to a better place.

        What if you started the process of discovering your capabilities and to delve into yourself? Do you think that cosmos would rush to make your boss kick you out of job before you took the initiative and submitted your resignation? Of course not, firing from your job was a motivation and nothing more, the purpose of its presence will be negated if you did what you had to do. However, the unconscious person did not and will not pick up this motivational message as long as he believes in destiny.           

        4.Belief in Miracles: Contrary to all above, I do believe in miracles, but I disagree with others in understanding the concept of miracles and their limits. What the collective mind calls “miracles” are nothing but abilities within each of us, abilities we have yet to discover them. 

          Mere change of the name from “abilities” to “miracles” will program your mind to be incapable. That incapacity does not only deprive you of what you have, but it is an invitation to give up responsibility and throw it at others. 

          You give up responsibility towards yourself and humanity not only by believing in miracles but also by believing in luck, coincidences and destiny. Instead of working on your spiritual path, you wait for a luck. Instead of paying attention to what is going on around you, you underestimate it as a coincidence. Instead of learning from your experiences, you blame fate. Instead of investing in your abilities that God has given you, you intrude on miracle makers.                                              

          It is an invitation to observe your thoughts and their impact on your life and your physical and spiritual future. It’s simple, but it can be difficult for many to accept it. However, once you accept it, you will notice that you can create your reality and affect others’ lives as well.                       

          Connect with cosmos and read its messages without the filters of thoughts and beliefs. Watch your thoughts and organize them to serve your true purpose in this life. Then you will realize that there is no luck, no coincidence, no destiny, and that you are a miracle maker.

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