Cosmic messages are an interactive dialogue in which your uniqueness plays the pivotal role, simply because you are the only variable in this equation as dialogue rules are fixed and cosmos never changes no matter how variable it may seem to you.

The level of response differs from one person to another according to the level of awareness, entitlement and collective cosmic energy as the transition we are witnessing now of Earth and human kind up to the fifth dimension. In such transitional stages, cosmic energy is activated, events accelerated and we witness collective awakenings quantitatively and qualitatively.

In this article, we will take a look at the levels of response to cosmic messages which I classified into five stages, hoping this will be a simple guide helping you to determine your place on the message response scale. I will speak briefly about you, your thoughts, energy, in addition to the forms and purpose of the messages.

1.Unconscious Weak Response:                                                              

  • You: Fatalistic person, do not believe in the concept of cosmic messages because you live the illusion of separation from cosmos.                       
  • Your thoughts: Clinging to customs, traditions, routines and you refuse and resist any change around you.
  • Your energy: Drained and aimless.
  • Forms of messages: External, such as your relationships within the family or at work in addition to the events of your life.                                          
  • Goal of the messages: Starting the journey of healing and awareness.
  • Result: Live in a state of dissatisfaction no matter what your achievements in life are, you will go through a long, unconscious healing journey.

2.Weak Response:                                                                 

  • You: Skeptical person.                                                                                                         
  • Your thoughts: Based on an internal dialogue about everything around you. 
  • Your energy: Fluctuating with no clear path.
  • Forms of messages: Mostly external (losses of money or relationships, illnesses). Some are internal (dreams, intuition, thoughts).                                
  • Goal of the messages: start to be conscious of your awareness journey.     
  • Result: Moving inward and start searching of yourself by spinning in successive vortices of forced cleansing of the pollutants such as stress, anger and shame.

3.Conscious Response:

  • You: A seeker of truth.
  • Your thoughts: Certainty that everything that happens pours into your best possibility. 
  • Your energy: Oscillating with clarity of your path.
  • Forms of messages: Mostly internal (soul talk), some of them are external (events). 
  • Goal of the messages: Start to discover your spiritual message.
  • Result: Get to know yourself more and start treating it consciously through the voluntary cleaning of the pollutants of your being, which paves the way for you to touch your spiritual message on this earth.

4.Starting of Harmony:

  • You: Diligent on the path of your spiritual awareness.     
  • Your thoughts: Creative.
  • Your energy: Harmonious with cosmic energy.
  • Forms of messages: Mostly are internal, few are external.
  • Goal of the messages: To initiate in your spiritual mission.
  • Result: You become aware of yourself and your unique abilities, realize the importance of your existence in this universe and begin to carry out your spiritual mission on this earth.                                                        

5.The Harmony:

At this stage, you will be in a state of fruitful harmony with the cosmos, your life is flowing, your energy is renewable, time becomes meaningless.  The cosmos provides you with the best possibilities for the fulfillment of your spiritual mission. You are now in constant and instantaneous contact with the cosmos, how not! you and cosmos have become one.

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