The other side of the cosmic interactive dialogue is very sensitive due to its strong influence on the spiritual development of a human being. The sensitivity in this side of cosmic dialogue lies in the fact that the student is the one who formulates and sends the message not the teacher. Therefore, the message may be random, aimless or even be a stumbling block in the path of its sender without realizing what he is doing.

When cosmos formulates the message, it will be very organized in terms of timing, content, clarity and readiness of the recipient. While when a person undertakes the task of formulating the message, there will be chaos, wrong timing, unclear content or even an aimless message, on the top of all these, his lack of readiness towards the cosmos’s response to his message.

Of course, the scenario will not be unified for everyone as humans are different and their degree of awareness is also different. However, it is certain that chaos will be present in all scenarios but to varying degrees. 

Despite the chaos of human messages to the cosmos, the system of cosmic messages as a whole is well organized so that the cosmos is always there and ready to correct the path and organize the chaos.

Some forms of human messages to cosmos:     

1.Intention: I disagree with those who say that every intention you release will be manifested in itself or in its energy, now or after a period of time until you finish it by yourself as if you are the only one who holds the reins.                 

In my view, intention is governed by the law of entitlement, the intention you released will not be manifested in its final form in your world unless if it is a part of your entitlement record.

Of course, intention has conditions and entitlement is variable. However, intention still a form of messages you send to cosmos whether you did that consciously or unconsciously and only cosmos has the right to decide the time the form of its manifestation.  

2.Lack of readiness: Including:

  • Procrastination: Your message to cosmos that you are not ready for what you are asking.
  • Resistance: Your message to cosmos that you are afraid.
  • Staying within the comfort zone: Your message to cosmos that you are against changing, learning or evolving.                                                                                               

3.Non-entitlement: including:

  • Low of self-love: a confession that you are undeserved.
  • Justification: a statement that you do not deserve what you are asking for, so either you will not get it or you will lose it after getting it.
  • Attachment: a declaration that you to refuse any new and choose to stay in the past.   

There is an unlimited number of messages, your daily details, feelings, reactions, thoughts and the list goes on. You send all these messages to cosmos without realizing that the latter is recording and responding according to your entitlement and awareness degree.                                            

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