Cosmic messages are an interactive dialogue in which the roles played by human and the cosmos overlap between a sender and a receiver. The content, as well, changes according to a human awareness progress. When the sender and receiver become at a high degree of harmony, the result will be an individual creativity that is directly in the interest of the completion of the human mission.  

Cosmic dialogue has two sides, but before delving into both sides, we must realize that cosmic messages are not confined to one classification. This article is just a glance of some of the classifications of messages directed to a human from the cosmos.                                                             

It should also be noted that every human being like all creatures has his own uniqueness. Therefore, the interpretation of messages differs from one person to another and the truest indicator will be the heart. 

Some classifications of messages sent from cosmos to a human:

1.General and Private: By general messages, I mean the messages that the cosmos sends to a group of individuals, whether they are small group such as genetic diseases that affect a family, or larger group such as epidemics, natural disasters or even wars and famines that afflict an entire region. All fall under the category of ” human challenges”, but in depth they are an essential part of the development process of human consciousness.                                                                                                 

As for private messages, I mean the messages addressed to you in particular, such as illness, financial loss, failure in relationships and many others.                                                                                                            

Whether they are general or private, the absolute goodness resides behind the game of good and evil, carrying with it our permanent existential treasure represented in continuous development. 

2.Essential and Complementary: According to the principle that human being is a part of the entire cosmos and that the purpose of his development is to reach a high degree of harmony with the cosmos which is directly in the interest of the supreme goal of completing the humanity mission.

Based on this principle, the essential cosmic messages are the heavenly messages which transcend the boundaries of time and space and addressed to the human race as a whole.                                                                            

While the complementary messages, the most controversial part of cosmic dialogue, they are messages repeated in content, but differ in some aspects, according to time, place, and the degree of human awareness.                           

Most important difference aspects:

  • Display method: like symbolic and coded messages.
  • Message carrier:  Previously, spiritually enlightened was responsible for conveying and interpreting these kind of messages. Now, that humanity is on the cusp of ascending to the fifth dimension, these messages are available to everyone who diligently follows the path of his spiritual awareness.                                        
  • Depth degree: Teachings were often presented in a simplified manner like stories and legends, out of mercy for the human mind and humanity awareness in general. Now, as the earth and its inhabitants about to arrive the fifth dimension, the messages became more profound due to the accelerating increase in the spiritual awareness of the human kind.

3.Direct and Indirect: By direct messages, I mean that fall under the name of Revelation, they are clear, explicit and direct.                                                                              

Revelation is not limited to prophets. It has degrees and the prophets have reached high degree of it, but that does not negate that revelation is available to those who have come a long way on the path of spiritual awareness.                                                                                                        

The difference between the revelation of the prophets and the rest of the people is that the prophets reached high spiritual levels that made them ready to receive clear and complete messages within the limits of time and goal of their spiritual mission. While the revelation of the rest of mankind is lower in degree, not quite clear, incomplete and often takes longer to receive and understand. This is what usually happens during the cosmic pilgrimage. At this stage, you become ready to take your right place at the correct time to perform your mission, everything that cosmos sends to you at this stage is not only for you rather to integrate it with all humanity.                                                                             

As for the indirect messages, they are the symbolic messages that the cosmos often sends to those at the beginning of the awakening path, this in itself is a kind of mercy and respect for the low degree of consciousness of the beginner. This usually happen during the inner pilgrimage or the journey of healing in order to restore yourself and complete the mosaic of your unique personal image. At this stage, the messages are personal in order to heal you and correct your path. This type of message takes many forms including:                     

  • Relationships: There is, for example, a character that frequently appear physically in your life such as a lazy colleague at work with whom you spend hours of your day. Be sure that he is a message to you from the cosmos, he is a mirror that reflects who you really were at a time of your life.
  • Repeated numbers: You may reach a point of seeing repeated numbers throughout the day and sometimes you wake up to see them also on your phone. Often, the meaning of the number is a message to you of what you are thinking about at the same moment of receiving, I said “often” because I strongly believe in the individuality of each person and his unique sense of receiving each message.
  • Repetition of symbols: One of the most famous symbols that you may see when you reach a crossroads in your development path is the phoenix which refers to rebirth after death.
  • Events of your life: starting from the most ridiculous event such as breaking your car down before going to an important job interview, passing through diseases and ending with the so-called karmic thunderbolts.
  • The bell of soul: As if your soul is ringing a bell inside you in order to focus your attention on a specific idea during a conversation with your friend, or on a specific book when you enter a library, or a specific scene while watching a movie. You feel that this idea or the name of that book or that scene has a different tone that distinguishes it from other ideas, books and scenes. You feel that it is directed specifically at you and only you.                                                     
  • Manifestation: One of the most important messages that tell you that you have become more in tune with yourself and therefore with the entire cosmos, a message telling you that the gap between you and the cosmos is starting to shrink which means that you are on the right track.                       


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