One of the basic principles of cosmic messages system is to realize that you are a part of the entire cosmos, a part that strives for perfection within the whole, and to realize that you are a spirit of light embodied in a human body in order to learn, sublime and return to the original enlightened nature.

You are a student learning in the school of cosmos. However, you are not a traditional student, nor the cosmos is a traditional teacher, even the lessons you get are also not similar to the repeated curricula, rather, it is closer to an interactive dialogue.

Usually known as ” Cosmic Messages”, but I would like to call it here a ” Cosmic Dialogue”. It is a dialogue that the cosmos set with us and uses various means, forms and signs to direct us towards ourselves in order to perform our spiritual mission in the right time and place. 

Like any dialogue, there must be: a sender, a receiver and a content.         

You might think that the sender is always the cosmos, the receiver is you while the content is the lesson that the cosmos wants you to learn. However, this equation is one aspect of that cosmic dialogue. As for the other aspect, is when you become the sender, cosmos become the receiver while your daily life details become the content including goals, intentions, thoughts, decisions, in addition to your actions and reactions. 

Your intention, for example, is not just a desire inside you but a part of your entitlement process, a part of the lessons that you have to learn whether you realize this or not.

Cosmos’s response to your intention is in itself a lesson for you and an indicator of development in your journey of self-discovery.                         

You may release an intention of getting rich, but the manifestation of it is delayed for a while. This “delay” is a message from cosmos telling you what you need to become rich and give you time to be prepared for the energy of wealth.

Your friend may release the same intention of getting rich, but his intention is manifested very quickly but it followed by a big loss. This message may be an alarm to your friend in order get rid of the ego he has before the later destroys him and his dreams. 

The interesting here, the more you become in tune with yourself, the gap between you and cosmos will narrow till the point you both become one entity with one message. At this stage, the cosmic dialogue becomes exciting, rich, and accelerated. 

You can imagine a professional teacher and an intelligent enthusiastic student. What the result will be? Repeated information! of course not!                                                                  

There will be a new lesson every day. the teacher will open the treasures of his knowledge to lavish on his excellent student. On the other hand, the student’s passion will grow to learn more and more.

The sender and the receiver will be in great harmony as if they are playing a perfect piece of music that makes everyone happy, the result will be integration and creativity. 

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