“What if my being in this prison was not a temporary hardship which will pass but the best place to be at this period of my life?” The question that opened the way for Mandela to find the hope that turned the dark prison into an opportunity for self-development.

Mandela realized that his narrow prison was the best place in the world that would give him a golden opportunity for mental and spiritual maturity. He realized that the time he is spending alone in his cell is the perfect time for him to enter to his inner temple and experience a sacred silence in order to be able to express his spiritual message which has embodied in a desire to lead the process of reconciliation and bringing the dispersed spectra of South Africa together.  

Mandela discovered when he entered his inner temple and experienced the sacred silence that he could not lead the reconciliation campaign in his country until he embodied this reconciliation within himself. In Mandela’s eyes, the prison became a place of training and healing where he began his journey of reconciliation, forgiveness and inner pilgrimage.

His response to this message was the crossing point from his inner to cosmic pilgrimage. The crossing that enabled him to discover his spiritual message and to find the required tools to implement it successfully.   

Of course, cosmos was there to push Mandela into the streams of inspiration, he began writing reconciliation letters which began to spread beyond the borders of his prison.  

Mandela understood the deep cosmic message and realized that imprisonment was not a punishment and that the jailers were nothing but guardians of his sacred silence for the birth of a new hope. The hope that shed light on the good buried in the situation and a motivator for Mandela to bring out his best in order to serve his spiritual mission on this earth which eventually poured in favor of the human message.

His suffering must have been great and it took him years to overcome it. However, he wrote with his own hand the end of this suffering and started his inner pilgrimage and crossed though into his cosmic pilgrimage. He put his own mosaic piece in the cosmic image and succeeded in performing his influential role to the people of his country.

We all have our own struggles, the uniqueness of each person is embodied in his spiritual mission and in his suffering as well. It doesn’t have to be as harsh as Mandela’s experience. And lest you be so, I invite you to read and understand the messages and start the sacred silence without the need for that cramped dark cell. 

Confronting yourself is a pivotal stage in the system of the cosmic messages, without it, you will not be able to proceed on your spiritual path. It is the foundation on which you build your own temple which is an essential part of humanity temple.  

No matter how long your life is or how many lives you have. Cosmos will keep directing you towards your inner temple because others are waiting you in the cosmic temple.

We must all realize that we do not follow the path of spiritual awareness as a form of luxury. It is not an optional action, it is our duty because it is the purpose for which we have been embodied in a human body.

Each of us has his own role. Nelson Mandela, has received his cosmic message, understood it and put his own piece of mosaic in the humanity image. what about you?

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