Few days ago, I read a story about Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa. It is known that Mandela was imprisoned in a small cell on Robben Island for the first 18 of the 27 years he spent in prison. The conditions were very harsh inside the cell which was approximately 7 square feet in addition to the bad treatment of the jailers.  

Mandela struggled daily to maintain his inner strength in order not to appear frightened and defeated in front of jailers. He decided to strengthen himself by repeating daily phrases of motivation “I am steadfast and I will not fall, this is a temporary hardship and it will pass sooner or later, no one can discourage my resoluteness”.

However, after 3 years of wearing a false mask of strength, a question brightened in Mandela’s mind and changed everything. “What if my being in this prison was not a temporary hardship that will pass but rather the best place to be at this period of my life?” 

Searching for answer to this question was the flame that light hope in Mandela’s heart and mind, the hope that turned prison into an opportunity for self-development.

We are all ‘Mandela” without realizing this, we all lived in that small cell and experienced its harsh conditions and the bad treatments of its jailers. We all wore the false mask of strength in its various forms. Some of us wore the mask of believing in fate, others wore the mask of believing in miracles. Behind all those masks there was a volcano of fear, it is not a fear of prison or jailer but rather a fear of confronting oneself and taking responsibility.                                                              

Self-confrontation is your inner pilgrimage, it is a pivotal stage in the system of cosmic messages without which you will not be able to proceed on your spiritual path as it is the foundation on which you build your own temple.                                                                                                          

Inner pilgrimage divided into two main parts:

1.Cleaning: It is the preparation process in which you begin to clean thoughts and feelings that contradict with the principle of cosmic messages such as a thought of luck and coincidence or a feeling of shame and rejection.                                                                                                       

It is worth mentioning here that this stage takes place under the supervision of the cosmos. In other words, you are unconsciously connected with cosmos who sends you its messages in various events whether they are sad or happy, severe or gentle in order to refine your being and help you clean your unconscious mind of obstacles that prevent you from seeing the truth and thus from facing yourself.  

2.Engagement: Suspense phase begins after cleaning your unconscious mind of the obstacles that prevent you from receiving and understanding the cosmic messages. Cosmos continues to send you messages but at this stage you can see what you did not be able see before. In other words, you engaged with cosmic dialogue consciously.                                                                                                              

At this point, you will not consider the missed job opportunity as bad luck, but rather as a message from the cosmos that it’s not your place. your consciousness will make you realize your test easier and pass it smoothly to some extent. Now you can understand the purpose of the message and you will not waste your time in failed attempts or thinking about your bad luck. Gratitude will be your overwhelming feeling after any message you receive from cosmos. 

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