You may feel that the term of “Cosmic Messages” is far away from you, but you will be shocked when you realize how close this term is to the essence of your nature and the extent of its impact on your life. You belong to a cosmic nature that is multidimensional, transcends time and space. The real shock must be from the fact that you spent years and years thinking that you are just a body limited within five senses.               

Why don’t you feel stunned when you see an angel talking to you in a dream! Why seeing that angel in a dream looks familiar and may become an interesting gossip with your friends the next morning!

Simply because your programmed mind is trying to deceive you by saying “It was just a dream”.                                                                                     

Are you another person when you sleep and dream!                                     

Those dreams and other signs are nothing but messages that the cosmos sends you to tell you something at a certain time and for a certain purpose.                                                                                                         

One of the basic principles of these messages is to realize that you are a part of the entire cosmos, a part that strives for perfection within it. Accordingly, you must first realize that you are a soul created in a body in order to learn, to supreme, and to return back to your essential source, towards the highest divine light.                                                                                  

Since the purpose of your earthly experience in a human body is to learn, then there must be a teacher and a student. 

Teacher has the original programs of all aspects of creation. It’s the storehouse where you can find answers to all questions that you may have in your mind along your journey towards absolute science. It’s the safe place where you can find all features that your enlightened nature has always longed to reach. It’s the source where you can also find all capabilities and energies that you need in your spiritual path towards your pure source. 

Student thinks that he is just a body. However, he is a soul of light embodied in a human body in order to learn, supreme and return to the original enlightened nature. Our earthly experience as human beings is like a school, it is the mean and not the purpose.

Logically, you should not spend your entire life at the same level of education. However, the polluted programs that man has been exposed to for thousands of years has turned him into a permanent student in the same school.

Cosmic messages embody in your life according to your readiness of receiving them. This embodiment starts by the healing journey, it is the inner spiritual journey of restoring yourself and complete the mosaic of your unique personal image. It’s the “Inner Pilgrimage” from there you move towards the “Cosmic Pilgrimage” where you are ready to take your right place in order to perform you mission and to complete the mosaic of life.

Does the story end here! Of course not, it is an endless journey of sublimity towards the highest divine light. However, at this stage, the essential goal of the cosmic messages is to complete the image which it can’t be completed without you. Accordingly, your delay in receiving and understanding your messages is a delay for the entire humanity.   

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