Do we choose our destiny or it is controlling us?

If we have the right to choose, all of us would prefer luxury and happiness. Of course, who would choose a miserable life!                                  

However, if we are controlled by the destiny, then what is the purpose of our existence on this earth? Why weren’t we classified between heaven and hell from the early beginning? Does it really need all these experiences, years and lives?

That chaotic image is so far from the essence of our existence on this earth. I strongly believe that human life is carefully planned so that the Creator and the creature are sharing the details of the story. We were given a choice of path but the end is always God’s choice. It is the inevitable end no matter how long the path is, it’s the journey of going back to the source.

One of the basic keys that we all need in order to return to the essential source to which we belong is to realize our spiritual mission. This depends on the path we chose and the signs putting along that path, herein lies the role of the cosmic messages we get along our journey.

Cosmic messages is the dialogue that the cosmos set with us in which it uses several means, forms and signs to direct us towards the spiritual mission for each of us. Since we choose the path, then everything happens to us in our journey is our full responsibility.         

We are responsible for the family and the place in which we were born…    

The husband we chose…                                                                                        

The sickness we had…                                                                                                    

We are responsible for all the details of our lives…           

We who determine all of this in order to reach the inevitable end. This explains the concept of Karma and the multiple lives we have. The human body in which we live is only a part of our exciting story and our spiritual journey.                                                                                                         

We are who determine a large portion of our lives details in order to reach the inevitable end. This explains the concept of Karma and the multiple lives we have. Our bodies are nothing but clothes for our souls and a part of our exciting story. However, our minds have been programmed to prefer body over soul to the point that some have forgotten about the soul completely.

Cosmos, on the other hand, is a tireless leader, it generously sends us signals and messages to warn us when we take the wrong path.                 

There is no coincidence, starting from a small accident such as hitting someone’s toe by the edge of the door and ending with his death.   

Let us make our journey easier, more enjoyable and more valuable.        

Let us listen carefully to the cosmic dialogue.

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